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Travels in Fishing

- Greenwich, CT -

Old Times

October 4, 2009

It was one of those very special reunions at my day school, Greenwich Country Day. Day school you say?! While my prep school sent a quarter of the class to Harvard and twice as many became lawyers, there is not a Senator, a judge, a Fortune 50 CEO in the lot. Almost everyone in my day school, on the other hand, has started or owned their own business – from rare books to superconductivity.

It was also one of those reunions at which, if the graduating class had been standing in a circle, looked left and right, one of those would no longer be with us. So the reunion was a rare and tight group.

After attending to some personal pilgrimages that Sunday, I arrived insufferably late at the host’s lunch,, and naturally began talking about fishing non-stop. I had fished Greenwich Point that Friday with no success; seems the taquin du jour was – bunker. Now I had fished Long Island Sound since I could row a boat and I had never heard of such a fish. It turns out to be another name for menhaden. All I had were my bass kits and FishBites. So I left skunked but not discouraged.

It was late in the day Sunday and I was quite happily over-staying my welcome, when the host finally offered to take us out fishing. So three of us went out to see what might be happening on the striper/blues front. Well, it was a nice idea, but out in a boat one needs to change plans often. After all, one can’t just go back in … Not when one is on a BOAT!

Fortunately, boat had a fish finder and we were on top of porgies (scup in the South). With my ever lucky fake blood worms, I was able to reel in three of the little rascals and a very tiny sea robin. Out on the Sound at sunset, the City skyline clearly visible, boating about in my briar patch, vaguely remembering all the little islands I used to sail around as a twelve year-old– and not a camera on hand. Bother. But there were two other witnesses to this beautiful day. (I’ll get this item notarized later …)

Usually I am so focused on fishing, I go by myself. I had forgotten what a treat it was to be out on a boat with a couple of old grads just drinking beer and fishing. I actually saw Heaven that day and hope I make it.

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