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Learning to Fish in 30 Seconds!

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Travels in Fishing

- Hong Kong -

STAR Ferry beats Sampan

June 10, 2006

Hong Kong was a bust. The weather was diabolical, resulting in two days of Black Warnings: rainfall over 70mm (2 ¾ in) an hour. Now four such hours in a row is … way too much rain.

So while I did not catch anything, I can say where one can fish. The first is beyond Avenue of the Stars at the tip of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, walking/traveling east from the Clock along the waterfront (south of Salisbury Road). There is essentially a railing, in some cases saying no fishing, but much further along, there is a break, and here one might see others drop-lining into the bay. The weather was so bad, that the seas just kept knocking my hook into and over the iron supports; so I was effectively losing lures at the rate of every 2-3 casts. In the heat and humidity, if not the rain, it was an exhausting walk from the Ocean Centre near the Star Ferry.

The next attempt was little more than a photo opp, with an attempt at trolling on a sampan, but the boat went so fast through all the moored fishing boats, I never got my lure below water level. It just bounced along. Tried briefly at the dock, but didn’t have time for serious fishing …

Perhaps the easiest place I came to, was at the Star Ferry terminal. Coming out of Ocean Centre to the ferry, run your hand along the railing (in front of the cruise/ferry ships) and just as you near the ferry-end of the railing you may see others fishing – or you may be alone. Again, drop-line with clams seemed the preferred method, though I saw one spinning rod with a 4” shallow diving plug. I saw no one pull a fish out.

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