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Learning to Fish in 30 Seconds!

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- Reykjavik -

The Best Fish … I Have Ever Tasted

February 15, 2008


Iceland : Land of the Midnight Run – on the banks. The first country to have the dubious distinction of having its assets seized by the British Government under a newly enacted law – against terrorism.


I had wanted to visit Iceland since college and with the currency now worth half of its Euro-inflated levels, I felt I could not pass up the chance now; so for $500 had flight and hotel packaged.


Fishing was perversely a non-starter. First, there is an actual season for specific fish; second, if you take your own gear, it has to be fumigated to prevent foreign diseases creeping into its pristine waters. February was not a month with fish in it.


Like Vinha del Mar (Chile), the closest we came to fish was with a fork. If Seattle is the capital of coffee, Reykjavik is the capital of food. There seemed to be a 200 Iron Chef-like cook-off recently, with the result that some stayed and opened restaurants.


If you are trying to save money and drop the pounds, eat in Reykjavik. The food is so phenomenal you will never go out again; it would only be a huge disappointment.






Siggi HaReykjavik

O Restaurant



Fish Market



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