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Yeow! 17" Catfish by the Jefferson Memorial! Learn to Fish in 30 Seconds!

Learning to Fish in 30 Seconds!

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Travels in Fishing

- Savannah, GA -

Dew on the grass and don’t in the trees

September 13, 2010

It may be the oddest fishing advice I have ever heard, “Don’t get a boat, too much trouble; get a golf cart.” With over 150 lagoons of fresh and brackish water, two rivers, and an ocean, getting around to all the honey holes, a golf cart begins to make sense.

No, Toto, we are not in Fairfax County any more or anywhere near the Beltway. We are on Skidaway Island in Chatham County, city of Savannah, Georgia.

Okay, why Savannah? As the line goes, I came for the waters. “There are no waters in Savannah.” I was misinformed …

With all that variety of water one would think the place was named after all the Landing of so many fish, one would be pulling them out of ones pocket. (Some individuals have bragged of catching 11 species in an afternoon.) Of approximately eight lagoons so far, the 30 Second Fisherman has been skunked in most of them. I look out over the 13th green with a water hazard on the back; could not be closer to water outside the bath. Granted the weather has been record-setting 90+ degrees and the waters are probably well into the 80’s – not stimulating a lot of fish response.

Even the 30secfisherman needs help on some occasions and last night was the monthly meeting of the CCA – Coastal Conservation Association with a local guide as speaker. He became my best friend when he said he never fishes with anything other than braid; ok, he disgraced himself when he said he used monofilament – instead of fluorocarbon – for his leader ...

Here one seems to fish with nothing but shrimp – live or artificial. This is where it gets embarrassing … I have bought DOA plastic shrimp on store recommendations and each time came away convinced they were a waste of money. Well, one doesn’t fish them out of the box! No! Ignore the hook they come with and rig it wacky-worm style! Well, duh, they aren’t seahorses, they swim horizontally. And not on the bottom, but swim a foot or two off the bottom. Some things you just wish you didn’t know you didn’t know …

So I am signed up for two seminars on how to fish the local waters and deal with the dreaded – 7-10’ – tides. There are days when you could see Africa before you would see water. All that water and not a drop to fish – except every other week when the tide is running in your favor.

Of course it gets a bit more complicated. There are spring tides (when the moon is in syzygy – directly opposite the sun as in new and full moons) and neap tides (when the moon is in aszygy – at right angles to the sun as in 1st and 3rd quarter.) Therefore high tides can vary by as much as 2-3 feet in a month – in addition to the 6-8’ daily tide difference. No need to continue with higher low water and lower low water differentiations when low tides differ in the same day … or barometer effects …

So far, I am loving it here – fish or no fish. I love this weather: heavy tropical rains, heat so wet you take a shower to dry off. I did not have a problem in India, Egypt, or South Africa – so why here? The only thing I miss are monkeys in the trees …

September 25, 2010

Finally! Not just a fish but a BIG fish!

So the local pro ran a clinic on fishing salt water, by pulling out 5+ speckled trout -- one on his first cast. I skunked; well, I didn't know it was salt water till an hour passed by and dashed back to the car to cover a major oops ... Hey, it all looks the same; I just got the classes mixed up. Despite their apparent ease of catching, redfish were totally absent; stuck only with trout the rest of the morning.

OK, so the guide was the only one catching fish in salt water, but then came the fresh water seminar -- and who smoked?? Who was the only one to catch 3 bass? un-huh, the 30secfisherman!


Cap'n Hook, arrrgh


First LMB in SAV


18in - 4+lbs

unhappy #2

sad looking ...

small #3

it's still a bass!!

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