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Yeow! 17" Catfish by the Jefferson Memorial! Learn to Fish in 30 Seconds!

Learning to Fish in 30 Seconds!

*** Now New & Improved! ***

What to Wear

The biggest problems are getting cold, getting wet, and getting sunburned; therefore wear or carry layers of clothes appropriate for the trip. Also, allow for complete changes of weather! It may storm or, when the sun goes over, get very cold.

Oddly enough the worst material to wear is cotton. It has a low SPF for the sun, doesn't dry well when wet, and can induce hypothermia if not removed. Plastics, as the man says, are the future - look for something that wicks moisture, sweat.

Dress in natural colors. Fluorescent yellow, orange or green and the fish will laugh at you. Remember, they can see six times better than you in or on the water. Camo if you've got it.

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On the Bank

Etiquette: Leave at least ten yards to the guy next to you. Don't let kids throw rocks or anything substantive into or around the water. Fishing is business and frisbees or nerfball are incompatible. Keep conversation down, no radios or any other invasive noise. Fishing does require concentration.

Ponds and lakes are perhaps the easiest to fish, but flowing water adds a bit more variety to type of fish one can catch. They are generally safer too, as falling or stepping into running water can cause one to slip, sink, or even be swept downstream. I shall be referring to "bank" fishing, that is fishing on the bank of the water, as boats and boat safety would require at least another 30 seconds.

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Contact: Buzz Andrews
Bluffton, SC

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