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Yeow! 17" Catfish by the Jefferson Memorial! Learn to Fish in 30 Seconds!

Learning to Fish in 30 Seconds!

*** Now New & Improved! ***

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Here are outfitters I find particularly helpful:


I don't think I step out to fish without something with a Cabelas label on it. I have visited the store in Hartford, CT and strongly recommend the wild boar sandwich at the restaurant ...

spincast combo

The spincast combo was my daughter's first rod -- age 10. She liked it because it was a "real" fishing rod -- not a pink thingy with flowers on it. (Don't underestimate your daughters!)

Shimano QuickFire II combo

Shimano is now the ONLY supplier offering a one-handed spinning reel. The QuickFire II was my first combo. I definitely recommend this for beginners!

Joan Wulff DVD

I have never been disappointed with the advice and direction given in any Orvis store (unlike some Pro shop for bass ...) This is the DVD they recommended -- by the Bill Dance of fly

Another great site for info and tackle


Where I get my "expensive" baits for half-price

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle

Where one of my semi-pro fishing buddies gets all his tackle

Tackle Warehouse

Where my other (semi-pro) fishing buddy gets his tackle

Hunt / Fish Georgia

All the legal stuff you need to know for fishing GA

Motto: Have no child left inside. Another place to learn more about how to fish -- just not in 30 seconds ...


Forget Yum, forget Gulp, forget them all except Fishbites -- the best saltwater bait. Squid is my go-to lure

Buy this ProductStrike King 3X Plastic Baits - Zulu $ 3.69

One of the very few places selling the Strike King 3X swimbait. A must have for salt or fresh water! It is rare to have a plastic that actually floats/suspends! Brilliant! Pearl is the go-to lure ... Click to Buy

You are on the road and remember you are SALT water fishing and need circle hooks, sinkers, a box of braid -- maybe even a reel! Walmart has been my lifesaver.

The Orvis Safe PassageŽ Sling Pack is looking like the best all around fishing vest/pack out there!

I don't care how much YouTube you watch, no one is going to show you how to string a trout rig together like Captain Jack McGowan of Coastal River Charters

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