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Yeow! 17" Catfish by the Jefferson Memorial! Learn to Fish in 30 Seconds!

Learning to Fish in 30 Seconds!

*** Now New & Improved! ***

Monumental Tour of a Lifetime

Can you take a photo of your fresh-caught perch from the Seine in front of the Eiffel Tower? A photo of your eel from the Thames in front of Big Ben? Not likely!

But you CAN take a photo of yourself with those all-American fish -- catfish or large mouth bass -- in front of the Washington Monument!

So why not make it a Monumental fishing tour? Hey, there are mystery tours, movie tours, historical tours, garden tours ... why not fishing? Titanic Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National Zoological Society, and, of course, Washington Memorial.

But this is no Splash & Dash. We really have to pick our spot on any given day as what I REALLY reveal is that great All-American passion -- fishing. Each half-day is geared for families who are going fishing for the first time or just want to try something a little different from the summer cabin.

Normally I would take 4 (minors must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian, as this is FAMILY fun), but for the spring(2010), you can bring a 5th person.

At the moment all persons between the [slot] limit of 16-65 must get a DC Fishing License (see requirements.) Requires a photo ID and a check or money order (no cash, no credit cards!) Also, on-line application, but you have to mail it in ...

walk-in purchase sites:

Metropolitan Police Department
550 Water Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024
Fletcher's Boat House
4940 Canal Rd NW
Washington, DC 20007-1062
(202) 244-0461

I recommend everyone bring their own equipment, but if you want to try out something different, or forgot to pack for emergency fishing, I can provide tackle, with a $50 deposit.


1.    Dress - Must be appropriately dressed for at least one kind of weather, with a backup for weather changes. Also, as many of the sites are patrolled by Park authorities et al, clothes must also pass their inspection ...

2.    Health - At a minimum, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses (polarized recommended), heavy-soled shoes/sneakers. Any food or drink for the duration. Only at two locations are there concessionaires (within a half-mile).  As virtually no fish in the area are really suitable as a food source, all fishing is catch-and-release (required in some parks).

3.     Costs - Tour / class  is $175  and must be prepaid (cash, check, Paypal) Remember, every inch from boots to business end will be covered in 30 second clips, so basics are really quick! The practice part is casting, which takes a whole lot longer.

Further questions? Contact below ...

Contact: Buzz Andrews
Bluffton, SC

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